Thrifted Finds: Blue Velvet Crush

Sweater & Skirt (Thrifted) ◇ Heels (Old) ◇ Bag (DVF) 
Believe it or not, there are still people under the misconception that people who go to thrift stores cannot afford to shop at “regular” retail stores. Well, let me resolve that misconception for you. It is an absolute lie. I have been to thrift stores or for a better word “consignment” stores that housed items worth thousands of dollars. I am talking high-end brands like LV, Chanel and even rarely, Hermes. Plus, the clientele of some of the thrift stores I visit are ladies strolling in with Gucci backpacks and Balenciaga sneakers…I am not exaggerating. Let’s just say that I do not “dress down” when I go thrifting.
So ladies, do not fall for that cliche mindset that only broke folks go to thrift stores…I get that it is not for everybody for a variety of reasons. For example, it takes a whole lotta patience and it is a game of hit or miss. But I have been thrifting since I was a broke college student and I will probably thrift while I get around with rolling walkers, living off my retirement and investment checks. 
That being said, there are certain items that I prefer thrifted and one of said items is a good ole dad sweater. I picked this one up from the men’s section and i just love the muted blue. The suede skirt was the only item I picked up during the Memorial day sale event because bruh, the store was packed you hear.
By the way, who else wears their minibags as bumbags?


Sequin Treasures with ThredUp

Happy Spring everyone! Here’s to hoping for better weather days ahead because I was ready for Spring about a month ago.
Some of you might not remember or be aware of this but just years back when I first started blogging, the fashion blogsphere was filled with thrifters. That was the big thing back then, thrifting. Now it’s all about name brands and in trend items but back then, finding great pieces at a bargain was considered a skill but unfortunately, that skill has been thrown for new and in items.
I still hone my thrifting skills every now and then and imagine my delight when a company called ThredUp contacted me to try out their services. ThredUp is the largest online thrift store and consignment store that provides second hand and sometimes brand new pieces of clothing and accessories at a huge deal for the bargain shoppers and deal finders.
I received a $50 credit that I used in purchasing this brand new Eloquii sequin dress and a denim skirt that will be featured soon.
I love this dress so much that I would have bought this dress at full price, but to have gotten it for such a deal, you can’t beat that. The empire waist silhouette makes it such an hassle free, easy glam look and I styled it with my statement gold belt and gold heels for a formal look.
Since this is a consignment/thrift store, you most likely will not be able to purchase this same dress from there but take a look at all their other offerings, as they have a very extensive plus size section.
This look is honestly waaaay overdue since I received this package a few weeks ago but work and weather have been quite an obstacle lately.
Thanks to ThredUp for their patience!

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Dress: here
Belt: Sold out from Eloquii
Heels: Old
Clutch: Old

Coincidential Power Suit.

Don’t you just love it when two separate pieces of clothing fit so well together you mistake them for a set? That’s what happened with this “power suit” set, so don’t get too excited to see a link to this awesome “suit”.
Years ago when I was in college, I was a thrift store fanatic but somehow that awesome skill (yes, thrifting is a skill) got pushed aside but I am telling you, I have been feeling the thrifting bug lately. There’s nothing like the feeling of finding a unique piece of clothing for pocket change. That’s what happened with this red double breasted blazer. I found it on one of my jaunts to my local thrift store and coincidentally, it pairs very well with this basic pants.

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Blazer: Thrifted
Pants: Ashley Stewart (old)
Bag: Custom made from Nigeria
Heels: Brash (old)

Vintage…Again: True Blue & White Midi

Yet another vintage coat? Yes indeed! This blue beauty is another on of my thrifted finds. 
Since the weather has taken a break for the better, I decided that showing my legs was not going to result in frostbite and so i did. 

What I’m Wearing:
Coat (thrifted, I like this here, similar color here) ~ Dress (F21 sold out, similar here) ~ Shoes (Smash  Shoes) ~ Watch (here)
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Vintage Flair: Michelle & Mustard Coat

Oversized coats are one of my biggest weakness, for various reasons. One, they are a cocoon of warmth during the crazy cold weather. Two, they make any outfit look pretty cool. Three, for the price I find them at…well, it would just be plain stupid not to take advantage. 
I find my colorful, oversized coats at my local thrift stores for really ridiculous prices I must say. Though unfortunately the prices of thrift stores have gone up over the last few years but they are still a steal. I believe I picked up this baby for under $30.00, can’t beat that. Three, vintage coats are made of the good stuff, wool I mean. Not the fluffy things coats are made of these days.
Now to the other star of the day, this suede + mesh bootie that I received from Smash Shoes. This baby is called Michelle and isn’t she gorgeous?! Style and comfort in one sexy package is what I call it because this bootie is super comfortable and I got lots of compliments lol. Amazing thing is, Michelle also comes in black and both come in wide size options as well and goes up to a size 14! Smash Shoes has become one of my go to sites for stylish shoes for my big, wide feet and I already own several of their designs. Only thing is that they can’t seem to make new designs soon enough for me! I stalk them constantly just incase a new design slips me by. So when I got the notice about Michelle here, I was one happy girl. My big footed gals, head over to Smash Shoes and check them out, you will not be disappointed.
What I’m Wearing:
Coat (thrifted, similar herehere and love this here) ~ Dress (F21 sold out, similar here, love this here and here) ~ Shoes (here) ~ Bag (Adrienne Vittadini, love these here and here) ~ Glasses (here
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Stripes are the enemy? Says who? This dress proves that nonsensical theory wrong. It is stripes extravaganza but stripes done right. Definitely one of my favorite sweater dress, the high collar, the shade of blue, just everything. 
What I’m Wearing
Dress c/o FTF (here) ~ Moto jacket thrifted (similar here and here) ~ Shoes (Smash shoes) ~ Chain belt c/o FTF

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Mesh & Florals

Happy Wednesday!
Another thing I’m really loving right now is, anything see through. I know some ladies tend to stay away from this trend because it has the potential of revealing too much, but it can be classy when done just right. When wearing anything see through, my aim is to reveal a hint of skin and not the whole kit and caboodle. To me, the hint of skin is more sexy and sophisticated. 

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Kisses, Olà
Skirt: JCPenny
Blazer: Thrifted
Shoes: Payless
Sunglasses: Torrid

Go camo go: Jeweled collar & arm candy

Hello lovelies! the camo trend is one I’m currently favoring. Especially since I had no difficulty finding the perfect one for my body type. I got this piece from Old Navy (despite the bad reviews) and let me tell you, I love it! The fabric is sturdy enough to keep out the cold but still light enough for me to wear during the warmer days. And for the icing on the cake, I got this bad boy for less than $20! Is that a steal or is that a steal?!

The camo look is usually pulled off as a casual look but I decided to step it up a notch and go for a more polished, casual look with the bedazzled shirt underneath the sweater. This gave me extra warmth as well because it was near freezing. But you can definitely try this look with just a slouchy sweater, skinny jeans and  some flats for the casual look.

I recently decided to take the time out and make some arm candy for myself. Sometimes it really makes no sense to buy mass produced jewelry while I’m a jewelry designer so i decided to make some for me. I made a total of 10 pieces and lets just say arm candy indeed! I’ll do a post on them soon.

P.S: Photo credits go to Vivi of Heart, print and style.
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 Camo jacket: Old Navy
Shirt: Thrifted
Sweater: Thrifted
Skinnies: Torrid
Bag: Thrifted
Boots: Torrid
Bracelets: DIY

Blaze of blazers

Blazer: Thrifted. Pants: Torrid (here). Top: Asos. Shoes: Barefoottess. Bracelets: Random. Watch: Mike

Hello lovelies!
Sorry  about the lack of posts, my internet service has been out of wack for about a week! 
I have felt so out of touch with the world. I wonder what people did before the discovery of the world wide web.
Anyways, I just got it fixed last night and i wanted to share these pictures with you guys. 
One of my best friends celebrated her birthday party by throwing a house party and this is what i wore. 
I wanted to keep it casual but a little extravagant, thus the blazer.
I got this blazer some months back at a local thrift store. I had a little battle with myself before deciding to get it because it was kinda pricey at $34.99 but i finally decided to get it.
And i would say, it was a worthy buy. what do you think?

Orange Flavored

Peplum top: Asos (peplum skirt available here). Skirt: Thrifted (similar here). Shoes: Torrid (similar here). Bag: Zara. Belt & Necklace: AS. Necklace: Sears. Watch: Mike.
Hello lovelies!
So, I love the corporate, chic look lots but, for some reason I have always felt it was too much for my daily life since i do not have a “corporate job”. But I shoved that thought behind today and wore this outfit running errands and buying my new Canon Rebel T3 camera!
Of course I had my flats handy in my purse because i’m still in the process of learning how to be comfortable in flats, so i always have a pair of flats around especially when running errands.
I am currently getting to know my new camera and I can’t wait to launch it soon!
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Hugs & Kisses

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