Never Say Never

Am I the only one who straight up eye rolled when belt bag/bum bags became a thing recently? I scoffed at it and said it was so not up my alley, and I thought I would never cave in to this trend. But blame it on Pinterest, because I saw some very fashionable ladies styling bum bags and looking cute. Especially when I saw the LV monogram bum bag, I lost my frigging mind and I just had to have it. Call me crazy, but I stalked websites and sent DMs until I found mine. I love the practicality of the bum bag more than I thought I would, and I decided to get another one. But I am on a road to fashionable, not a road to bankruptcy, so one luxury bum bag is more than enough. I found this affordable one that has a street but fashionable look.

You know another trend I rolled my eyes at? bike shorts…I for sure thought I would never wear them and honestly, I was wrong. They are practical, easy to wear and fashion forward. As much as I enjoy them though, I do draw the line at the colorful ones. Not that they aren’t cute, but they just won’t work on my body type. Now, there are a few tricks that I use to make bike shorts work for my body type.

Being a size 18/20, I find that most bike shorts are a bit too thin for my liking. So I dug out an old bermuda short from a few years ago and that did the trick, they look like bike shorts but have the control of jeans…perfect.

Styling tip: I have thick legs and a tummy, so one way I make bike shorts work for me is to wear them with extremely oversized blazers, or oversized tees. This look is trendy, comfy, and sexy, so I have worn it in multiple variety this Summer (since quarantine lifted of course).

Chunky sneakers are another trend that I have fallen for, they feel like walking on clouds and are so heavenly! Another tip: They look great with little dresses and satin slip skirts.

What trends have surprised you lately? And where do you draw the line when it comes to trends?