Never Say Never

Am I the only one who straight up eye rolled when belt bag/bum bags became a thing recently? I scoffed at it and said it was so not up my alley, and I thought I would never cave in to this trend. But blame it on Pinterest, because I saw some very fashionable ladies styling bum bags and looking cute. Especially when I saw the LV monogram bum bag, I lost my frigging mind and I just had to have it. Call me crazy, but I stalked websites and sent DMs until I found mine. I love the practicality of the bum bag more than I thought I would, and I decided to get another one. But I am on a road to fashionable, not a road to bankruptcy, so one luxury bum bag is more than enough. I found this affordable one that has a street but fashionable look.

You know another trend I rolled my eyes at? bike shorts…I for sure thought I would never wear them and honestly, I was wrong. They are practical, easy to wear and fashion forward. As much as I enjoy them though, I do draw the line at the colorful ones. Not that they aren’t cute, but they just won’t work on my body type. Now, there are a few tricks that I use to make bike shorts work for my body type.

Being a size 18/20, I find that most bike shorts are a bit too thin for my liking. So I dug out an old bermuda short from a few years ago and that did the trick, they look like bike shorts but have the control of jeans…perfect.

Styling tip: I have thick legs and a tummy, so one way I make bike shorts work for me is to wear them with extremely oversized blazers, or oversized tees. This look is trendy, comfy, and sexy, so I have worn it in multiple variety this Summer (since quarantine lifted of course).

Chunky sneakers are another trend that I have fallen for, they feel like walking on clouds and are so heavenly! Another tip: They look great with little dresses and satin slip skirts.

What trends have surprised you lately? And where do you draw the line when it comes to trends?


Structured Casual: These Mules…

Cheers to the freaking weekend indeed.

 It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me as I find my footing in the world of grad school. Just in case you didn’t know this (I didn’t), and think that grad school is easy, news flash; it isn’t. With due dates and deadlines to meet, plus a full time job, my ambition to DIY 95% of my closet is suffering. While that is the case, I do not want the blog to suffer with lack of content so I will be mixing it up with DIY outfits and purchased ones until my schedule permits me (if it ever does lol).

Anyways, I am kicking off my return to retail with this easy, casual yet structured look and the real MVP of this look is this chic but affordable mules from Target. I am wearing them in a size 11 even though I am usually a size 12 but the 11 fits perfectly on my wide feet and they make any outfit look chic and expensive. I styled my outfit around these mules, with a cropped high neck, joggers and these structured but lightweight, long-line blazer. 
This outfit was great for my early morning errands but in this weather, definitely not an all day ensemble. Hence Fall, I await you.

Mules (here) ~ Blazer (here) ~ Crop top (old) ~ Jogger (Old) ~ Purse (here)
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Plum Dreams With Terra & Sky: Cold Shoulder & Linen Pants


Spring is knocking! And I can’t wait to open the door to bold, bright and beautiful colors this season. I’m dreaming of Spring with this gorgeous purple cold shoulder top paired with soft drawstring pants from Terra & Sky by Walmart. 

Yes, Walmart. You didn’t read it wrong, my outfit today is from a brand called Terra & Sky which is exclusively carried at Walmart. So, if you’re looking for comfort combined with style, check out Terra & Sky.

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Top: here
Pants: here

Maximum Impact: Floral Maxi & A Bold Belt

Hi there! Hope your week is off to a great start, I’m currently editing pictures while munching on some mochi balls. you haven’t tried them? Don’t. At least not if you do not want another addiction, I promise.
No words of wisdom for today’s look, so just enjoy the pictures and see you tomorrow!

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Dress: here
Belt: Local boutique

Crushin’ On Orange

I know, I know, I am horrible at consistency, but trust me when I say that I am working on it! Life just isn’t making it easy for me to be consistent with producing content. But right now, things have slowed down a bit so expect consistency from hence forth! (Yeah yeah, I know lol)
Today’s look is an unexpected one, as much as I plan my outfits in my head most times, this is one that never occurred to me until the second I pulled it out of the closet. As much as I love co-ords, it is not a surprise that I love this unexpected pair together. I played with a bit of layering, which I am horrible at since I just can’t seem to keep my layers looking even and symmetrical but I think I pulled it off this time, didn’t I? This white vest was a last minute decision that I’m glad i made because it just added the extra touch that this outfit needed, classy with a little bit of edge.

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What I’m Wearing
Skirt (local boutique here)
 Shirt (Old H&M) 
Vest (Old FTF) 
Bodysuit (Old, Boohoo) 
Shoes (Old) 

Oldies: Embellished Sweater & Knee High Boots

As much as we love it, it’s very easy for the mini skirt and thigh high boots combo to look very pretty womanish, quite unfortunate but true. But there are ways to work around this hassle, I have found that one way is to style them with a modest, free sweater or tee. That way, the only skin on display are your thighs. I tend to follow the old fashion rule that says if you’re showing skin on top, keep the bottom modest and vice versa. How do you wear the mini skirt and thigh high boots combo?

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