The Most Basic Fall Layer Ever

Outfit: Plaid Duster (available in red here) ◇ Jeans (here) ◇ Tank top (here) ◇ Shoes (here) ◇ Bag (Mak Nisy) 
I always love it when I see fashion brands play with silhouettes that flatter the plus size figure and as much as I love kimonos and dusters, I told myself that I was done buying anymore of them…until this plaid one caught my eye. 
There are a few things going on in this duster that make it a great piece to own. First, it is a plaid print. Second it is cut in the style of a fit flare shirt dress. I personally love shirt dresses so this is a win win for me. I also like the fact that the colors are pretty basic black and white with the stripes of mustard. 
The one thing that would have made this duster absolutely perfect would have been the addition of buttons along the front to give you the option of wearing it as a shirt dress or a duster. I was tempted to insert buttons on mine but I am absolutely lazy and horrendous with button holes…although I might brave it one day soon.
Dusters are perfect for that transition into Fall when the mornings are cool and the days are warm. They are an additional layer that will keep you cool without adding any bulk. The easiest way to style a duster for an effortlessly chic look is to style it with a monochromatic base. I picked out the deepest color in my duster which happened to be black and went with a simple black tank and jeans. This way the duster stands out as my statement piece.


My Stance on Fashion Right Now: Red My Mind

Outfit: Tie front sweater (here, available in multiple colors here) ◇ Sequin skirt (Color sold out, but available in a gorgeous green here) ◇ Shoes ( Up to size 12 here) ◇ Bag (Jakar Lagos

My Summer hiatus is finally over!!! I know, I know, I never said a word about a hiatus. But that’s what this has felt like honestly. My last set of photos were from back in May/June and let’s just say that’s how life is right now and I think I am finally riding that bull by the horns, so let’s just say my hiatus is over shall we?
During this hiatus, I did some self reflection and decided that I was beginning to fall into the trap of what I call the “influencer ditch”. This ditch involves a lot of different things but one of the signs for me was that I had a closet full of things that I didn’t love but bought or received because I “expected” myself to have these things because they were in “vogue” or on “trend”. 
So after purging my closet of these items, I decided to start afresh and continue with the original concept of my blog. I rediscovered my love of thrifting and mixing on trend items with old, vintage pieces that I pick up at local thrift and consignment shops.
So you might not see every, single, fashion trend there is out there but you’ll see what I am wearing and how I am mixing and matching things that I enjoy. So yeah, the hiatus is over! Let’s get to fall fashion shall we?
One thing that hasn’t changed about my style is that I love sequins, probably will for a verrry long time. And when I saw this sequin skirt pop up on my email, it was an instant purchase. I originally got it with the mind of styling it for parties over the holidays but as you can see, I couldn’t wait. I’m sure I will definitely pair it with a lace trim cami and structured blazer for a party this holiday season. But in the mean time, I went for a monochromatic look with one of my favorite shades of red actually, just with an undertone of orange. The only con about this skirt is that the lining peeks out from underneath when I’m walking as you can see in some of these photos. It may be because it fits snug on my hips, but any looser and I will lose any sort of shape or fitting in this skirt, as you can see, it is not a very fitted pencil hem. So I do find myself pulling it down a few times during a wear.
In case you’re wondering about this stunning bag, it was actually hand made in Nigeria by a brand called Jakar. Check them out on IG, I am not sure if they do international shipping though, but I picked this one up on a recent trip to Nigeria.

Crushin’ on Pink: DIY Plus Size Faux Wrap Dress

Hey guys! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I am currently obsessed with making dresses, all sorts of dresses and while I love drafting my own patterns these days, there are still some commercial patterns that catch my eye and my imagination and refuse to leave until I create them. One of such patterns led me to creating this beauty. 
As usual, this fabric was from the sale room at G street fabrics so I spent less than $12 on this dress, can’t beat that. 
Dress: Mccall’s 7429
Shoes: FSJ
Bag: Charles & Keith

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FINALLY!!! DIY Plus Size Wide Leg Pants

Honestly, is it too much to ask for a seriously chic, high waisted, wide leg pants? Like seriously? I have had this particular conversation with fellow plus size ladies and we have come to the same conclusion, apparently it is too much to ask!
Point me to a gorgeous, chic, high waisted, really wide leg, gorgeous fabric in a stunning color pant that is made to fit my 52inch hips and you just might be a magician lol. So you know what? I got tired of waiting for a brand to step up and I made one for myself, just the way I like it.
This was my first time making pants but I must say, Vogue patterns V1572 is just divine to work with. So simple, easy to follow directions that I strayed from just a little bit. I love this pant so much, it has been on heavy rotation since I took it off my sewing machine.
One of my frustrations with store bought pants is that the fabrics are mostly too thin for people with any form of cellulite and I draw the line at wearing shape-wear underneath my pants, that is a hard no for me. So I picked this gorgeous linen-ish, silk-ish fabric from the $2.97/yard room at G street fabrics and believe me when I say I got all they had lol! I still have some left over for a silky skirt for the Summer. This fabric has an amazing structured drape and has enough body to hide any imperfections.
For the top, I worked with McCall’s M7807 and I did alter it just a little bit but this patten is about to get torn up! I mean, I see a lot of tops and dresses for the Summer with this pattern.
I also used a  $2.97/yard shirting fabric from G street fabrics for this shirt but since it was a bit thin, I self lined the bodice but left the sleeves alone. 
Top: McCall’s M7807 I cut a size 20.
Alterations: I self lined the bodice since the fabric was a bit too thin and I didn’t want any visible underthings lol. Since I was making the tunic, the hips were way too snug for my 52 inch hips so I added the slits on the side to free up some room and i actually liked it better this way.
Thoughts: I absolutely will make multiples of this pattern, it was a project that only cost me a few hours and was very easy to follow. I am thinking of making a hi lo linen dress with pockets for an easy Summer wear.
Pants: Vogue’s V1572 I cut a size 22
Alterations: I did an elastic waist instead of the recommended waist as that is my preference, I also added about 2 inches to the hem so I can wear it with heels. Finally, I added side pockets since I add pockets to everything I make lol, just another preference.
Thoughts: This pattern is another multiple remakes for me, I love how it fits and sits on my body and it was yet another project of a few hours.

Top: OlaMoreena ~ Pants: OlaMoreena ~ Shoes: here ~ Bag: Yesstyle ~ Necklace: Aldo (old)
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Diva Behavior: Plus Size DIY Jacket Dress

I told you guys that I have been sewing up a storm didn’t I? Between work, school and family time, you can find me in my sewing studio, hunched down over my cutting table or my Juki (which I am so delighted with!)
This DIY project was for a wrap dress but after sewing, I decided that I prefer it as a jacket. Which is a win win for me because i get to multitask this piece.
I used Vogue patterns V8992 for this jacket and I made absolutely no alterations. I made it exactly as directed and i cut a size 24. Looking back, I should have cut a 22 for a more fitted look but I also kinda like how this came out. 
My bodycon midi dress was also a self drafted DIY which I made using a stretch matte jersey which I lined with the same fabric for some cellulite support and I absolutely love! The fit is as perfect as I always wanted my bodycon dresses to fit. 
Since sewing is a time consuming task, I always tend to stay away from basics that I can just easily buy, but some basics are so worth the effort.

Dress: Ola Moreena (Made by me) ~ Jacket: Ola Moreena (Made by me) ~ Belt: Fashion to Figure ~ Shoes: FSJ ~ Bag: YSL

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Dramatic Sleeves Featuring Vogue V9243

Cheers to the weekend guys! 
A few weeks ago, Vogue patterns posted a picture on their IG page of a Solace London triple flounce sleeve blouse and used their V9243 pattern as a similar piece. I loved that Solace blouse so much that I could not pass up the challenge of recreating it! Since I already had the V9243 pattern in my stash, I quickly pulled it up and started sewing away. And if you follow me on IG, you might have come across behind the scenes glimpses of this blouse.
I utilized a complimenting ankara fabric for my middle flounce, just because i ran out of fabric since this was an impromptu sewing project. I will say, this was a relatively easy pattern to follow but I did make some adjustments for my body shape (as I do with almost all patterns). 
1. I added a few inches to the overall length, as I prefer my blouses to be a tad bit longer than average. 
2. I also added a total of 2 inches to my side pieces, which I cut in an A-line manner to prevent that snug fit over my tummy.
3. I cut view A for the upper sleeve then cut the flounces from view C and then I cut one extra flounce since i wanted the triple flounce look.
That was pretty much it guys! I paired this top with a basic black denim and gold plated belt to showcase my figure.
I will definitely be making this blouse again, in a solid fabric this time around though. 
Top: Ola Moreena (Made by me) ~ Jeans: here ~ Bag: Henri Bendel ~ Belt: here ~ Shoes: Oldie

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Call Me Mrs. Gray: Plus size DIY asymmetric dress

Hey guys! It seems like as the Spring weather is coming out to play, so are my creative juices. Honestly, I am sewing up a storm guys! And I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve been up to. 
Let’s start with this grey beauty right here. I love pieces that have any sort of asymmetric detail and I completely enjoyed watching a Victoria Beckham runway show recently that had a lot of these asymmetric dresses and that was the inspiration behind this dress.
I had this fabric in my stash but I originally picked it up from the sale room at a local fabric store for $2.97/yard and I picked up 4 yards. It is a stretch knit fabric that I picked up with absolutely no project in mind but I really liked the shade of grey.
This dress was relatively easy to make so I just drafted it directly on the fabric. I cut the bodice into a slouchy off shoulder and then cut the skirt front into two pieces with one piece longer than the other for the asymmetric hem detail. Of course I added pockets! That’s one of my perks of making my own clothes, I get to add pockets to everything! And I love pockets lol.

 Dress: Olà Moreena ~ Bag: YSL ~ Shoes: FSJ ~ Belt: Macy’s 

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Plus Size DIY: High Collar Sweater Using Simplicity 8738

Hey guys!
This weekend I’m sharing one of my favorite makes of the year so far, this super easy high collar sweater. I used a burnt orange neoprene fabric that I picked up from a trip to New York. I have found that most people who sew have a love or hate relationship with neoprene, but I fall in the love category. 
I love the structured drape that can be achieved with neoprene but in the past I have stuck to making full circle skirts with neoprene which are absolutely stunning and flattering on most body types. But for this project, I wanted to try something different, even though I bought this fabric with something else in mind. 
Pattern: Simplicity 8738 view B, I cut an XXL
Modifications: I stayed pretty true to the pattern for this look, although I could have cut a size XL but I wanted an oversized fit. Since I like to push my sleeves up to my elbow, I made the sleeves fitted because the original cut was for a boxy sleeve look. I also made the back a bit lower than the front for an extra bit of detail. 
Pros/Cons: Since I am a lazy sewer who likes quick rewards, this pattern provided just that…a quick reward. I can definitely see myself making multiples of this pattern, with different fabric choices since it’s so easy to make. 
Just like here, I mostly pair this sweater with ripped jeans and booties, or sneakers. Easy peasy and super chic.
I really want to make a sweater dress with this pattern, also using a neoprene fabric…maybe electric blue? I think that’ll look stunning. 

Till next time!

Plus Size DIY: Turtleneck Sweater Dress Using McCall’s 6886

It’s been a while innit? So much has happened since my last post! The biggest thing is that I got married to my love (insert heart emoji here) and that should explain my absence from the blog and all social media for the past few months. 
But…back to the matter at hand, which is the origin of this stunning but amazingly simple sweater dress. After the stress of the wedding, I hit my sewing studio with a vengeance as sewing is great for relaxation (that is, when you don’t get frustrated by a certain suit lining that refuses to lay in place!). But while getting back into sewing, I happened to dig back into my stash of sewing patterns and found a pattern that I had been meaning to sew for years. Mccall’s M6886 was a great pattern for sewing this basic, midi sweater dress. I added a turtleneck collar and gave the dress some added fitting below the hip for a more fitted, sleek look. But otherwise, stayed true to the original pattern.
Pattern: McCall’s 6886 view B, I cut a size 20
Modifications: I added a self drafted collar for the turtleneck and came up about 1 inch higher on the front neckline in order for the collar to attach properly since the original bodice has a bit of a dip neck. And since I wanted a bodycon/fitted look, I took off about 1.5inches from each side from the bottom and shaped it up into the hip.  
Pros/Cons: It is a pretty easy pattern to follow and cutting and sewing took me less than two hours so I’ll definitely be making multiple views and versions with this pattern. The only con here is that I didn’t really care to be bothered with matching my stripes. I am way too lazy to be working with stripes or fabrics that require any sort of extra arrangement. Not the pattern’s fault though, that’s all me.
I used a striped knit fabric from the sale room at G street fabrics for $2.97/yard, so this dress was a steal and will be on heavy rotation this season, I’ve already worn it twice since it came off my machine.

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Hey guys! Enjoying the cold and rain? Well, good for you because i can’t say that I am. But the cold brings out one of my favorite article of clothing…winter coats! You already know of my love for oversized, colorful winter coats so get ready, I have been thrifting.
Somebody keep me from the berets! I can’t help myself, I love wearing them. And can you blame me? When they make any outfit look Parisian? 
This look was no exception, I picked up this amazing sweater dress on my Fall haul and I am in like! It is comfortable and stunning without being high maintenance. By that I mean, you can wear your lightest shapewear without feeling constrained and this dress will still emphasize your shape.
Are you feeling the sock boot trend? I am and I picked up this bright red, block heel beauty for a steal.
I love how this look came out and these items will be making their rounds on the blog so watch out for them.

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Dress (here) ~ Booties (Abound) ~ Beret (here) ~ Bag (Target)