Dramatic Sleeves Featuring Vogue V9243

Cheers to the weekend guys! 
A few weeks ago, Vogue patterns posted a picture on their IG page of a Solace London triple flounce sleeve blouse and used their V9243 pattern as a similar piece. I loved that Solace blouse so much that I could not pass up the challenge of recreating it! Since I already had the V9243 pattern in my stash, I quickly pulled it up and started sewing away. And if you follow me on IG, you might have come across behind the scenes glimpses of this blouse.
I utilized a complimenting ankara fabric for my middle flounce, just because i ran out of fabric since this was an impromptu sewing project. I will say, this was a relatively easy pattern to follow but I did make some adjustments for my body shape (as I do with almost all patterns). 
1. I added a few inches to the overall length, as I prefer my blouses to be a tad bit longer than average. 
2. I also added a total of 2 inches to my side pieces, which I cut in an A-line manner to prevent that snug fit over my tummy.
3. I cut view A for the upper sleeve then cut the flounces from view C and then I cut one extra flounce since i wanted the triple flounce look.
That was pretty much it guys! I paired this top with a basic black denim and gold plated belt to showcase my figure.
I will definitely be making this blouse again, in a solid fabric this time around though. 
Top: Ola Moreena (Made by me) ~ Jeans: here ~ Bag: Henri Bendel ~ Belt: here ~ Shoes: Oldie

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Call Me Mrs. Gray: Plus size DIY asymmetric dress

Hey guys! It seems like as the Spring weather is coming out to play, so are my creative juices. Honestly, I am sewing up a storm guys! And I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve been up to. 
Let’s start with this grey beauty right here. I love pieces that have any sort of asymmetric detail and I completely enjoyed watching a Victoria Beckham runway show recently that had a lot of these asymmetric dresses and that was the inspiration behind this dress.
I had this fabric in my stash but I originally picked it up from the sale room at a local fabric store for $2.97/yard and I picked up 4 yards. It is a stretch knit fabric that I picked up with absolutely no project in mind but I really liked the shade of grey.
This dress was relatively easy to make so I just drafted it directly on the fabric. I cut the bodice into a slouchy off shoulder and then cut the skirt front into two pieces with one piece longer than the other for the asymmetric hem detail. Of course I added pockets! That’s one of my perks of making my own clothes, I get to add pockets to everything! And I love pockets lol.

 Dress: Olà Moreena ~ Bag: YSL ~ Shoes: FSJ ~ Belt: Macy’s 

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