Modern Day Cinderella: Shoes of Prey

Most of my readers know that I belong in the big foot club wearing a solid size 12, so it is no surprise that one of the most popular questions I receive is “where do you get your shoes from?”. 
I understand and also deal with the frustrations of these women who struggle daily with finding beautiful shoes just because of the size of our feet. 
It’s like the shoe designers have decided that if you’re above the size 10/11 cut off mark, you can’t possibly deserve to or have the desire to wear anything remotely feminine. We’re allocated the matronly looking, boring design and colors that our grandmothers used to wear back in their days.
That is, until brands like Shoes of Prey came around and changed the game. The first time I discovered this brand, I remember browsing the website for hours, just amazed by the infinite possibilities and I ended up ordering a pair of animal print pumps.
Shoes of prey is a brand that specializes in customizable shoes with infinite possibilities so you have tons of options to create the perfect one of a kind shoe, or create a classic, or even a trendy in style piece. 
My concept for my pair of heels today was a cinderella campaign but I gave Cinderella a make over and skipped the glass slippers for a fabulous pair of glittery heels, definitely not a design that would have been available in my size anywhere else for sure. So, my fellow big footed ladies, check them out and let me know what you think! And tiny footed ladies, have no fear, Shoes of Prey carries from size 2 to 15! And, they also carry narrow to wide widths! Where else?
Designing shoes from Shoes of Prey is always an easy ordeal definitely nothing intimidating at all, as they have templates that you build on to create your very own one of a kind design.
Also, use the code “ROADTOFASHIONABLE” for a free inscription on your own design, what else would make your shoe more unique?! I love cliche inscriptions so likely you’ll see something cheesy with a heart on mine lol.

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Bodysuit: Gabrielle Union for NY&C (Old)
Skirt: here
Shoes: here
Bag: YSL

True Decadence

Happy Easter!
Our savior is risen! And as we celebrate let us keep in mind the sacrifice of His death and the joy of His resurrection!
 And I am celebrating this day with this pleated, maxi, cold shoulder dress from True Decdence by Asos that is unfortunately sold out but I am so glad I grabbed this before it did!
All this dress required was a pair of statement earrings and I was good to go.
I have officially rediscovered my love for statement earrings y’all and I am in love more than ever! These gorgeous pearl studded pair was from my local FTF and I will enjoy wearing them this Summer.

Dress: here
Heels: Old
Earrings: FTF