Before you rip me a new one, hear me out! I’ve been so swamped lately! I got a new job, yay me! But I messed up with my scheduling at my previous job so for the past couple of weeks, I was basically working two full time jobs. I lived out of my car for a while there lol. But I survived, and that is so over. So hello there, my blogsville friends. It has been a hot minute ain’t it? 
Well the storm is over and I am back to the world of the living and I decided to celebrate with this ahhhmazing lightweight blazer by Ashley Stewart. It was so ahhhmazing, I bought it in two colors. As much as I love it this Summer, I can’t wait till Fall to layer it over a high neck sweater.
Also, wrap dresses have become one of my favorite silhouettes lately. It looks great on pretty much any body shape and its so effortless chic that I think every woman should have at least one in her closet.

Dress & Jacket: Ashley Stewart
Shoes: Liliana
Bag: Beyond the Rack


Happy 4th of July! I wish I had a patriotic post to commemorate the occasion, but alas I do not *insert sad face here*. But anywoo, some people say that casual looks are not my forte and they are absolutely correct! I do not do casual chic very well to be honest. I am the always the dressy type but every once in a while, I do manage to pull it off. It helps when I find pieces like this tee, it’s casual but the mesh detailing at the hem caught the diva in me and she caved. 
I paired it with a ripped black denim to complete the rugged look, and finished it off with what has got to be the most comfortable heels since the creation of shoes. If I could, I would wear this sandal everyday. I know that I am late to the game, but I have honestly fallen in love with wedges because of this shoe! Loves it!

Top: Forever21
Jeans: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Torrid
Necklace: Fashion to Figure