Memorable in Sequin.

I admit I went the unconventional route when picking my outfit for Memorial day. Again, I wanted to  pull off the laid back, all American girl look but found myself reaching for this sequin skirt. I did tone it down by pairing it with a simple grey tee though. But that’s what fashion is all about for me, there is no definition and there are no rules. I wear whatever I feel like at that time, and it just happened to be a sequin skirt, in the daytime, in summer, no biggie. 
I fell in love with this sequin fabric on one of my visits to my local fabric store and knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. I took it to my seamstress and she absolutely hit the nail on the head with this one, I love it.

Skirt: Custom made
Tee: Old Navy
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Bag: The Limited
Watch: Lane Bryant
Bracelets: Avenue

Badass Chic.

*sigh* After losing close to a hundred pounds in over the last two years, I thought my body would get the memo and drop the weight only in the areas I wanted but yeah…nope, that didn’t happen. My butt was the first volunteer to go, followed by my boobs. And the one place i wished would sacrifice itself in the alter of weightloss i.e my tummy, refused to go. So here we are, #unbotheredtummyandall. Although I must say, I am crunching the hell out of it though lol. 
So back to the outfit, I wanted to do a whole memorial day shoot and look like your classic all American girl but yeah, that didn’t happen since I was feeling very bad ass. From my previous post, you already know I love lace, yeah I love woven knit too. I guess anything see through is more like it really. I paired this woven tank top with my go to faux leather skirt from Fashion to Figure to complete the bad ass look. Loving this strapped sandal from Steve Madden lately. Its super sexy and hella comfortable and that makes a perfect heel in my opinion. I completed this look with gold accessories just cos I’m extra like that lol.

Lace & Petals

Spring is well on its way and there is nothing quite like the feeling of the sun and breeze against your skin. Lace is definitely one of my favorite textures, it’s sultry but can be easily covered up.  I enjoy showing a bit of skin but for my ladies who don’t, a cami underneath is also a good option. And when showing skin on the upper body, its usually a good idea to cover up the lower body, just to balance up your look just like I did with this midi skirt.

Top: Nordstrom Rack, Skirt: Eloquii, Shoes: Lane Bryant, Bracelet: Ashley Stewart

Denim on Denim

Incase you haven’t noticed, I’m not really one to wear a lot of denim but once in a while, I get the urge to and I indulge. Love the distressed look of this one from Fashion to Figure just because it is only slightly distressed and not all over the place. 

 Fashion to Figure denim top and jeans, Michael Kors purse and watch, Jessica Simpson heels, Ray Bans sunglasses

White Affaire

White is one of those colors that I am always lusting after but rarely attempt just because of the hassle associated with it. Thus is my love hate relationship with white. But still, a white pant is a closet must have and finding the right one can be very frustrating, especially so for a plus size woman. Since the color white isn’t very concealing, finding the right fabric is key to a polished look. You want to pick a fabric that is slightly on the heavier side without being too bulky as white lightweight fabrics are not really the best for thick thighs. This Worthington pant from JC Penny provides just that.

Top by Ashley Stewart, Worthington pants, Jessica Simpson heels.