Oxblood coat & Cropped Sweater

Hello everyone, happy Monday!
So as you guys know, I am riding the #barelegsforwinter movement till i can’t ride no more lol. Maybe the most important part of rocking this look is…midi/maxi coats. Yep, I can’t live through the winter without them. This oxblood coat happens to be one of my favorites right now. Its super warm and cozy so it keeps the cold out.
I actually folded this turtleneck sweater under for a cropped look, just to edge it up a little bit. Got this strappy heels from Torrid a while ago but never quite got around to wearing them until now and I must say, they have become a staple since they are super comfortable. 

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Kisses, Olà
Coat: Thrifted
Top: Ashley Stewart
Skirt: Olive Olè
Shoes: Torrid
Clutch: Vendor

Mustard Coat & Pleated Leather Skirt

Happy Friday guys!
So happy its the weekend! Nope, no grand plans or anything like that lol.
So, I have a huge thing for coats just so you know and I have a whole clothing rack just dedicated to my coats. This one I picked up from a local thrift store recently. I really like the mustard color and the midi length is just perfect for the #barelegsforwinter moment that I’m having currently. 

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Kisses, Olà
Top: Marshalls
Skirt: Fashion to Figure
Coat: Thrifted
Shoes: Lane Bryant
Bag: The Limited

White Stripes & Knee Highs

Hey ya! Hope you’re having a pretty chill week so far? They are calling for snow over here and I’m hoping its not so bad.
Anyways, I’ve been on the lookout for thigh high boots for I don’t know, the past three years? As you may very well know, decent boots for plus size women are not so easy to come by especially thigh highs. So i figuratively jumped when I saw this boot at Torrid. Now I have to admit that I am slightly disappointed because as you can see, they are just a tad bit below thigh highs so I call them knee highs. Although it is better than nothing, I guess. 
I must say though that it is a beautiful pair of boots and super comfortable and I like them a lot. But it isn’t too much to wish for something more is it?

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Kisses, Olà
Dress: Lane Bryant
Jacket & Bracelet: Ashley Stewart
Boots & Clutch: Torrid

Blush Tones: Pink Jacket & Floral Dress

Hullo lovelies! Hope everyone’s having a happy Monday!
Its really dark and cloudy over on this part of the world, so if you happen to be enjoying some warmth, sun and shine today, do me a favor and enjoy it because what I wouldn’t give to be there right now, wherever that is lol.
So, as you’ve probably noticed, I am a huge fan of dresses and skirts. I love a good pair of jeans like the next girl but i’ll probably pick a dress over jeans eight days out of ten. When I glimpsed this Lane Bryant dress, it was love at first glance and guess what? It loved me back too because the fit was superb. I paired it with this pink coat from Jones New York. 
One of the things I love about my weightless, is that it gives me the chance to wear items from brands/stores that I couldn’t have fit into prior to. I now fit in (albeit quite snugly) into a xl top, coat or dress. And let me tell you, that has never happened in all of my adult years.

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Kisses, Olà
Dress: Lane Bryant
Coat: Jones New York
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Bag: Henri Bendel
Watch: Michael Kors

Lightweight: Leopard Print Coat & Olive Parka

Hey guys! Hope you had a great week because that week is gone and gone forever! lol
So, this animal print coat from Ashley Stewart taught me a valuable lesson when I bought it. I saw it on display at my local store and thought to myself “Oh my gosh, what an ugly coat!”. So with that mindset, I walked past it about 3 times without a second look, until I caught a glimpse of the price tag. Let’s just say, that convinced me to try it on and I fell completely in love with it and I baffled at how as humans we judge things and/or people by their appearance. So the lesson is, next time, I will try to take a second look before formulating an opinion.
Funny thing is, this coat has become my go to favorite lightweight coat this season, it just goes with everything and adds an effortless chic look to anything.

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Kisses, Olà
Coat: Ashley Stewart
Parka: Torrid
Pants: Torrid
Tank: Random
Booties: Torrid
Bag: Kate Spade

A Green Coat

Thrifted coat, Torrid denim, Lane Bryant tee, Smash shoes sandal, Kate Spade purse.

Hey guys, the weather is sooo bad lately that taking pictures loose their appeal lol. But follow me on instagram where I post more. 
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Kisses, Olà

Freshly Minted

Happy new year guys!!!
Who knew 2014 would roll by so quickly! For that reason, I plan to enjoy the moments in 2015 even more. I plan to laugh more, spend time with my family and friends more, and just live more.
So back to the fashion stuff, I picked up this Old Navy furry blazer/coat on a shopping trip with Vivi. I initially was not sure about this coat, to the extent that I contemplated returning it. But lets just say that I’m glad that I did not. I paired it with this mint faux leather pencil skirt from Eloquii which I love.

Forever21 top, Eloquii skirt, Old Navy jacket, Payless heels, Michael Kors purse & watch

Thanks for stopping by and once again, happy new year!
Kisses, Olà