NYE Look 3: Sparkle in Silver

Hello everyone! Great week so far? Hopefully.
The countdown to the new year continues! I have to say that new year is by far my favorite holiday of the bunch (even though some can make the argument that it isn’t really a holiday). There’s just something about moving into a new year. The air is filled with positivity as everyone tries to leave the bad behind and move on with the good. 
Talking about moving on with the good, I bought this shift sequin dress from Ross about 4 years ago as an inspiration. You see, this dress would not even go past my tummy but I just had to have it, and convinced myself that it would be THE dress to inspire me to get fit. Yes, it took me four years to fit into it, but I did. 
I have been loving the shift dress trend lately even though its been around for a while. The easy glam of it just does it for me. Pair that with another thing I love; sequin, and this was the perfect dress for me. For an extra dose of glam, I paired it with all silver accessories.

Ross dress, Payless heels, random clutch, Ashley Stewart bracelet.

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Kisses, Olà

NYE Look 2: Shimmer In Gold

Hey guys! Happy monday…errrgh
So, the next look on the NYE lookbook is a golden Ralph Lauren number i picked up some months ago. This gown is definitely a show stopper. If you’re going for a formal event, then this piece is definitely for you. 
My accessories were limited to bracelets just to let the gown do the talking and not be overshadowed by too much. 

Ralph Lauren dress, Aliexpress heels, Aldo clutch, random bracelet

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Kisses, Olà

P.S: So, it was brought to my attention that the sequin dress in the previous post is originally from SimplyBe, not Asos. Sorry for the confusion.

NYE Lookbook

Hey guys! How’s your weekend going so far?
So I decided to kickstart the NYE lookbook that I talked about in my previous post but instead of doing it all at once, I thought of posting one look a day counting down to the big day.
Sequin is such a big trend for NYE each year around and I must admit, I love sequin! And this particular dress definitely warrants a second look. This bad girl is originally from Asos but I picked her up on a steal from the Shop our Closet event over the summer from Elle
So just in case you’re thinking of sequins for NYE, don’t shy away from colors. And in case you weren’t thinking about it, please do.

 Asos dress, Smash Shoes heels, Fashion to Figure clutch, random bracelets

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Kisses, Olà

Frosty Purple Love

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
I can’t believe the year has come to an end already! Seems like it just begun! Anyways, hopefully it was a great year for you and yours and if not guess what? We get a brand new start in one week!
So, I’ve been interning with an amazing fashion designer lately and I have been learning new skills to add to my designing belt. I’ve been so inspired by this amazing designer that I’ve been creating some new pieces that I am so excited by! This frosty purple dress is one of them. My confidence level with this dress on was just off the charts lol.
Some people have been asking me to start selling some of my pieces and I will…soon. I am currently developing a business plan and strategy and once it all falls into place, you guys will be the first to know and hopefully patronize as well!

Dress by Olà, Smash Shoes sandal, Kate Spade bag, Ashley Stewart jacket and bracelet

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Kisses, Olà
P.S: I’m working on a new year’s eve lookbook which should be out early next week.

Animal Furry: Asymmetric skirt & Fur vest.

Hey everyone! Hope your week is going great so far?
This fall weather has really been bipolar! Its warm one day and freezing cold the next, so I don’t even bother with outfit planning anymore and just go with whatever the weather channel says in the morning. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love skirts. Pants are not exactly my favorite things to wear, I do wear them but I’ll pick a skirt over pants almost any day. You would also know that I am not a believer in having separate wardrobes for each season. Majority of your pieces should have the power to transition between each season. This asymmetrical skirt from Fashion to Figure is one of my favorite pencil skirts. I wore it with a crop top and kimono over the summer but swapped that for a fur vest this fall. For a colder weather, I would have swapped the pumps for a sleek knee high boot.

Random top, Fashion to Figure skirt, Payless pumps, Nordstrom fur vest, MK watch and rings.

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The Leather Trench.

Happy Monday guys!
It’s back to the grind eh? After I finish posting this, I’ve got to head to work…actually working 16 hours today so yeah, its back to the grind lol. 
Anyways, I LOVE this black (genuine) leather trench that I picked up from the thrift store some months back. I’ve been waiting for the weather to get cold enough for me to wear it! Well, it kinda never did, so I wore it as a dress instead! It was warm enough to keep me comfortable at the movies. I don’t even want to think about what the original price of this trench was, all I know, is that I got it at a steal! Lesson, don’t write off the thrift stores just yet!

Thrifted leather trench. Lane Bryant heels & belt.

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Kisses, Olà