Shoes of Prey & Denim Shorts

Hey y’all, happy monday…right, anyways I recently ordered my first pair of customized shoes from this site called Shoes of Prey. Since i have big feet, I thought it was a good idea to be able to customize exactly what i want since it almost isn’t available in my size, and it pumps came out beautifully! 

I’ve been looking for an animal print pump for a while now and i finally got it! The only con i can think of for this site is that my shoes took about 6 weeks to get to me! I don’t like waiting that long for shoes lol

Thanks for stopping by! And have a great week ahead!
What I’m wearing: SimplyBe blazer, Forever21 tee, Torrid Shorts, Shoes of Prey pumps, vendor clutch, MK watch, FTF bracelet

Crazy for Polkadots…

Hey there, how’ve you been? I’ve been pretty lazy with posting outfits lately, but I’ll try to do better. Anyhoo, ran into this mini skirt at Fashion to Figure lately and usually, I don’t do miniskirts because I’m super aware of my thunder thighs and tend to stay aware from emphisizing them. But this skirt just really caught my attention for various reasons though. 
1. It is technically a “skort” because it has a layer of shorts underneath
2. It strays away from the body con trend (which isn’t the best for my body figure)
3. And its super cute! Just looking at it makes me happy lol 
I decided to pair it with an oversized high lo shirt, the reason being that my generous behind tends to hike up most bottoms and I definitely wanted to be modest (kinda lol) 

I’m wearing: Torrid shirt, Fashion to Figure skirt, Payless heels, Charming Charlie purse, MK watch.