Rez in my city

Hello lovelies, so last week Vivi told me that Kiah was coming down from Dallas to see her sister and nephew and of course, i had to meet her in person! I have been a follower of Kiah’s blog since the day i discovered it and i have always wanted to meet her. She came over with her sister Coco, who is absolutely hilarious! She kept us laughing all night with her stories and impersonations. Kiah is such a gorgeous woman inside and out and such a pleasure to talk to. 
Nic and her friend Jess also joined us, and Nic is such a love! Don’t let her classy, sweet exterior deceive you because she is a riot! She and Coco made an instant connection and cracked us up all night. 

Little things.

Hello lovelies!
This past weekend i decided to completely de-cluster my closet. I have used to have a ridiculous amount of clothing. It was so bad that i had some clothes stored in my mother’s house! 
I came to the realization that while it is perfectly normal for me to love shopping and have an ungodly amount of clothes, it was beginning to boarder on hoarding! So i decided to get rid of everything that I had not worn since i bought or in the past one year, and trust me it was a lot!
By the time i was done, i had 10 big black trash bags full of clothing to give away! Even i was shocked that i had so much clothes i had not worn.
So I decided to show you guys some of my little bits in my newly spaced room.
In case you don’t know, I am a nursing student and I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s in December *fingers crossed*
This is just a fraction of the books that I am currently studying *sigh*
This is my current collection of romance novels. I love to read in my spare time and i have boxes upon boxes of romance novels in storage. Yes i do. I will definitely include them in my will lol
My lovely curtain…
And this is what my closet looks like now! I can hear it thanking me…Although i have a walk in closet, it used to be pilled to the brim and i could never stand in there because there was no space. 
My friends call this my shrine…I love this concept of storing my jewelry because i can see what i have.
My house warming gift from my mother and as you can see, I seat the hell out of this chair! Its super big and comfy
Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and kisses!

Plaided in green.

Dress, Blazer & Fur snood: Thrifted. Tights: Hue (Macy’s). Shoes: Avenue. Necklace: Dots. Watch: Mike. Bracelets: Random

Hello lovelies!
I know, its been a hot minute but what can i say? School is back in session so I’ve been super busy lately. Its only the beginning of the semester but i already feel exhausted! I cannot wait to be done in December! 
So school has not been the only thing taking my time lately, I recently resumed my gym runs and started attending a zumba class. I’ve only been going for a week and of course, watching what i eat and i already lost 6 pounds!
Amazing right?! The class is pretty intense but exhilarating and i enjoy every minute of it. I’m thinking about taking up swimming in a couple of weeks too since i’m terrified of water and swimming is good exercise (at least, so I hear).
Anyways on to my outfit, I wore this to church on Sunday and i was having doubts about posting these because they are not my favorite pictures but….why not?
I thrifted this blazer for $3.75 and the dress for $6.99 and the fur snood was about $2.00. let me just say that i love this blazer, I’ve been wearing it none stop. I wore it with a jean and a tank with a scarf to class and wore it with a jumpsuit to a party. 
Anyways, i’m looking forward to the curvy clothing swap party on February 18th! I have bunches of clothes to swap and i hope i find some lovely pieces to add to my collection. If you’re in the DMV area, drop by.
Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and Kisses!