Denim love.

Shirt & Necklace: Avenue. Skinny: Old Navy. Pumps: Torrid. Scarf & Earrings: Thrifted. Purse: Ebay. Bracelets: AS. Sunnies: Steve Madden

Hello lovelies! 
First off, let me say welcome to my new subbies! My name is Bibi and welcome to my little space on blogsville. I will be by to your blogs as soon as i can.
It was really warm after a weekend of snow and i took advantage of the weather.
So, i know i over did the accessories for this look but i love packing on accessories and i think it all depends on how you pull it off.
I love trying different things with my hair do and i decided to pull my hair forward with this scarf. 
I recently got this purse from Ebay and its…okay, very inferior quality but for the price i paid for it, i should have known better! lol
I’ve been getting a lot of comments about my makeup (thanks guys!) and for today, i did a bold cateye and red lips to amp up the denim look.
Thanks for stopping by! Kisses! Bibi


sweater: Forever21. Blazer: Macy’s. Jegging: Avenue. Purse: Bakers. Flats: Avenue & Baker’s shoe clips. Scarf: Thrifted. Jewelry: AS.

Hey lovelies!
So, i’m usually a dressed up kinda girl, even when i have on flats. Its always been kinda hard for me to do casual and still keep my dressy vibe.
But i finally pulled it off today. you agree? lol
Anyways, i found this really amazing shoe clip from Bakers and i L.O.V.E. it! its so jazzy and glamorous. 
it instantly gives my heels or flats a glam look.
Thanks for stopping by! Kisses! Bibi


              top: Macy’s. jegging: Rainbow. shoes: Avenue. bag: Chanel. necklace: Forever21. sunnies: Local vendor.

Hello lovelies, let me start by dedicating this post to my lovely pud, Kay…no, he’s not my son. funny thing is, we’re not even related. He’s the nephew of a dear friend of mine and I fell in love with him at first sight! I’ve been paying numerous visit to my friend’s house just to hang with him and hold him a little (he smells so good!). He’s such a precious, animated little boy, and he’s leaving us and going out of state tomorrow. I paid him a last (for now) visit today and took this picture. I’ll miss him bunches and will miss watching him grow. Love you bunches Kay! Kisses, from aunt Bibi!
Anyways, for today’s outfit i choose this flowy shirt since the weather gave us a little reprieve. I love this top so much that i bought 2 of it (in different print of course!) 
Thanks for stopping by! Kisses! Bibi!


Dress: Avenue. Jacket: Thrifted. Shoes & Belt: Torrid. Bag: Chanel. Tights: Hue. Necklace: Macy’s. Bracelets: AS. Watch: Lane Bryant.

Hello lovelies, hope you had a relaxing weekend. 
So one fact about me, i dress up to church! I mean really dress up as in, primping and preping. i am definitely not the casual slacks and tee to church kinda girl. For this particular sunday, i decided to channel my inner Marilyn Monroe with this polka dotted dress from Avenue. Since i had a coupon, I only got this dress for $10. Steal! i know! lol.
I decided to contrast the pattern of the dress with a polka dotted belt from Torrid and a red jacket that i thrifted for about $3!
I initially wore this outfit with some matching red pumps but i thought it looked too cliche with the red and white and black, so i kept it simple with these black wedges from Torrid.
Second fact about me, i loove accessories and my fave of the moment is this Chanel bag that i gifted myself with for Christmas. I almost did a whole post on this baby but i thought you guys wouldn’t really want to hang around going through about 12 pics of a bag lol. But this is not just any bag, its THE bag lol.
Anyways, thanks for hanging! kisses Bibi!

Colored jeans

Jean & Shoes: Avenue. Tanks: T.J Maxx. Blazer & Scarf: Thrifted. Clutch: Rainbow. Necklace: Forever21. Watch: Mike. Bracelets: Random. Earring: Macy’s.

Hello my lovelies! 
Hope the new year is going as good as you planned? I recently discovered a gem of a blogger called Wendyslookbook. I discovered her via her youtube page from a video where she did 25 ways to tie a scarf. Needless to say, i have been trying them all out since. 
Anyways, she does videos on “pairings” where she picks a fashion item like a tweed jacket, or knee high boots and shows different outfit ideas for that item. 
She did a pairing video on colored jeans and it inspired me to pull mine out from the box they had been sitting in. I paired mine with a black and white tweed blazer and some snake print accessories. 
I love this look much and can’t wait to put more looks together with this colored jeans.
Thanks for stopping by! And hello to my new followers! Kisses! Bibi.

New year’s eve chic.

Top: gifted. Skirt: DIY. Tights: Hue. Clutch: T.J Maxx. Shoes & Bracelets: Avenue. Ring: AS. Earrings: Dot.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wishing you all the best in this year!      
For an annual new year’s eve party, i decided to shop my closet and this is what i came up with. i was gifted with this sequin top from a dear friend about a year ago and decided it would be great for such a festive occassion. This peplum skirt, I made myself. I love this sequin clutch as well. its such a cute little accessory.
I’m hoping this new year brings the best for all of my wonderful subbies and readers as well! you guys have really being amazing to me and my idea of a fashion blog. thanks for all the love and support. 
Hugs and kisses! Bibi