College runs…

Blazer:Thrifted. Shirt:/Jeggings/Bootie/Arm candy/Ring:Avenue. Earrings and bracelets: AS. Wrist watch: Mike. Purse: Target. Infinity scarf: Dot. Glasses: Random vendor
Hello lovelies, i don’t usually take outfit pictures of myself in school because i’m always super casual when i go to classes if only for the reason that most of my school days run from 9-7pm and on days like that my comfort definately takes first place. so i’m usually in flats, loafers, booties and comfortable items that also manage to look chic. But today i decided to post theses pics just because.
I initially planned on wearing just this stripped shirt with these jeans and my cheetah flats to class but when i stepped out of the house, i had to run back in and grab this gray oversized blazer, booties and infinity scarf cos it was kinda chilly.
I pulled my hair into a messy fishtail just for a different look and kept my makeup minimal as i mostly do when going to class and i finally decided to put this glasses that i bought years ago to use.
Until next time lovelies! Kisses, Bibi

Fur~ry Love

Top: Dots. Skinny and Bracelet: Avenue. Vest: TJ Maxx. Belt: Random. Wedges: Torrid. Clutch: Me. Watch: Mike. Necklace: Macy’s.
Hello Lovelies, I went to a friend’s baby shower today and this was what i wore. I am so frustrated because it gets so dark so early these days and that makes it kinda difficult to get accurate pictures.
Anyhoo, i decided to pair this sleeveless fur vest that i picked up from TJ Maxx with a plain skinny and for some contrast, an animal print top.
This belt was a last minute detail that i should have left out and i went with my torrid wedge that i spray painted as you can see. lol
My ankara purse was big enough to hold all my luggage so i took it along.
I’ll try to post more outfits theses days…*fingers crossed*

I’m Alive!

Hey lovelies, its that time of the year again! The time when school kicks my ass so much that i have no free time to do my favorite pasttime…blogging! Since i have a free minute, i decided to do a quick “fave five” post before i hit the books again.
1. The Delia Nude Flower Suede Heel from Torrid

I heart this shoe so much, i’ve worn it to 3 different occassions in 3 weeks. Tisk tisk tisk, not good but i can’t help myself. its just so stunning and…wait for it…the most comfortable shoe i worn. i did the single lady dance in this and didn’t feel a bit of pain. just amazing!

2. Snob Satin Lipstick by Mac

this lipstick is as close to lipstick gold as they come. it looks amazing with a lipliner or without, with a gloss finish or without, you name it and you ccan do it with snob. i have even mixed it with a darker pink and it still came out looking great. Here i have it on with a brown lip liner. This picture is kinda old and i’ve bought my second stick of snob since then. lol.
3. The Imoshion Tote from TJ Maxx
This bag is divine. i love the high fashion low maintaince of it. I spent about $29.00 on this. isn’t that amazing. TJ Maxx definately goes on my monthly budget these days.
4. Steve Madden Pink Aviators
OMG! isn’t this amazing?! I love them so much i droll whenever i see my reflection with them on. lol. and for $9.99? I also got them from TJ Maxx. i think they qualify for one of Monroe Steele’s fashion steele of the week. they are a really lovely pink but it doesn’t really come through in this picture.
5. This Hair Color.
This may not qualify as a fashion tidbit but i love it so what the hell. I love this hair color so much it just might become my signature do. very low maintainace and so chic don’t you think?
These are my little “fave five” items that i’m so in love with right now. what are yours?


Me and my bestie, Anne…All night people kept telling her that she looked like an African Janet
L-R: Anne, Me, Jen(birthday girl) and Roseline.
Chika(she performed during the ceremony)
Me and Jen(I love her braids!)
L-R: Anne, Stephanie, Jen and Roseline.
Stephanie and Jen
This was how i looked before we left the house. It was so hot at the event that i had to take my birdcage off! lol
Jumpsuit: Custom made. Shoes:Brash. Birdcage:H&M. Necklace and earrings: Thrifted. Bracelet and Ring:Dot.
Hello lovelies, so some of you may not know that I am a Nigerian and yesterday we celebrated the 51st anniversary of our independence (This was when Nigeria gained its independence from British colony in 1960). There were lots of events going on all over yesterday but because it was Jen’s birthday, she wanted to celebrate culturally and we all donned our ankaras(Nigerian fabric) and hit the NYAB cultural ball. The rule was that all outfits must be floor length but of course we bent the rules. lol
I opted for go for a jumpsuit with my ankara since it was very bold and kept my jewelry minimal and the only color i had on was on my lips.
So as you can see, i took off my braids! I think i cried a little as i did because i loved those braids but the rain got in them and they started to stink really bad so they had to come off…I ombre colored these extensions that i have in now and i flexi rolled them to bed for this curly effect.
Don’t you just love Anne’s outfit? I came up with the design for her and our seamstress did her magic