DIY: Oversized Clutch


Tank & Pants : Avenue. Jacket: Macy’s. Flats: Clutch: Ola & Earrings (Me). Bracelets & Necklace: Ashley Stewart. Ring: Sights & Sounds.
So, i love me a good looking oversized clutch and i decided to make one using some left over Nigerian fabric also called an ankara. i decided to make mine really oversized because i wanted something huge. I also made some large button earrings using this same fabric.
I wore this outfit to school today and i decided to keep it simple with a pair of flats and a military jacket.

DIY: Distressed denim & box top

Top: DIY. Pant: Torrid & DIY. Shoes: Barefoottess. Necklace: Catherines. Bracelets & Earrings: Random
My name is Bibi and i am a diy addict! I am seriously obsessed with diy’s, but because of my school schedule i haven’t been able to do anything fabulous recently. But i got into the habit of recording my classes and listening to them as i drive and do my chores. This weekend, i decided to do some diy’s while listening to my classes! Since i am a pretty good multi tasker, i loved keeping my hands busy while i listened.
I made this top from a piece of square fabric i had laying around in my closet.  i didn’t even bother with sewing the edges and i seriously love this top.
This white denim pant is the reason why i will never ever EVER buy any denim online again. i loved how it looked on the model but when i received it, it was heavy, long and just plain ugly. i got it about 2 years ago but this weekend i got my scissors and twizzers and got to work making them distressed. i think i did an okay job with it. you like?
Since i got my braids, i get a lot of questions about how i style them and i just basically style my braids as i would style my own hair. Today, i decided to braid them to the side and put them in a bun and i think i like this.

I ♥ leopard print!

Top: Ross. Tank: AS. Pants: Ralph Lauren. Belt: AS. Sunnies: Avenue. Shoes: Torrid. Sandals: Rainbow. Bracelets: AS. Necklace: Ola (Me). Earrings: Thrifted.
Happy labor day everyone! hope y’all had a blast cos i did. I had lunch with Tari at a place called Busboys and Poets and i must say that the best part of the food was the nachos…yum!
I made this necklace last night because i made a really lovely one piece necklace for a client with these stones and i loved them so much that i made one for me with the leftovers. i really need to do more close ups for my jewelry, don’t i?
So as you can see, i got my hair braided! its really quite long and i love it! i’m feeling very nubian queen right now.  lol

It takes guts…

Shirt: Avenue. Skirt: Thrifted. Shoes: Bandino. Clutch: Susan’s fashions. Necklace: Ola (me)
So, i’ve been wearing and buying a lot of skirts recently (All my pants have taken an hiatus). this particular skirt was from my local thrift store and i completely adore it! I loved it so much that i decided to do something i NEVER do which is, show my tummy! oh my! but i enjoyed this look completely. I saw the design for this necklace at Michaels and decided to make one for myself because i think its just so stunning.