yesterday was very hectic because of all the preparations for hurricane Irene. i stood in mile long lines just to get some pineapple juice *sigh*. But i decided to dress very cheerfully while doing my errands. i was inspired by a picture i saw in vogue where the gorgeous model was outfitted in crazy prints from head to toe. you like?

Top: Macy’s. Belt & shoes: Torrid. Skirt: Thrifted. Bracelet:AS. Earrings: Susan’s fashions.


Showing some leg

I know, i know…its been a while but i have been a little busy bee these past weeks. anyways, i finally had my jewelry showcase and it was a blast. i got in a lot of orders (which was a dream come true) so i’ve been running to and from the bead store for days. And on one such day, i decided to wear a miniskirt. i NEVER wear miniskirts. its a personal rule of mine, because my legs are really ginormous but what can i say, i was inspired by this colorblocked blazer. its so long that any other thing i tried on with it just looked dowdy so i braved the one thing i never wear.

For some people this skirt might not be mini but i assure you, for me it is. lol

I made this necklace from some beads sent to me from Kenya. i wish i could wear them with every outfit, they make anything look exotic
Top & skirt: faith21, Blazer: thrifted, Sandal: aldo, Necklace: Ola’s treasures (me), Bracelets: AS