Sequins at noon?! oh my….

Hey loves, hope you’re having a great week so far because i’m not…its really not a big deal but i’m so stressed out with my school schedule that i had to take a break from work. Although i’m happy about getting the break, i’m not so happy about missing my paycheck. lol. But i can’t serve two gods at the same time in this situation so i had to pick one. That means no more shopping and that makes me weally weally sad *sobs* but oh well, like i said, its just for a little while…i hope. But on to the business of today, i ran into this really gorgeous skirt at a neighbourhood shop and its been in my closet for weeks. i felt an itch to wear this skirt today and i decided to do so! i got a lot of “you look great but aren’t you only supposed to wear sequins at night?” and my response was “says who?”.


Blocking Colors

So, since this trend started popping up on blogsville, I’ve wanted to try it out. I loved how it looked on fellow bloggers but wasn’t sure about how it would look on me. Last summer, i bought this skirt and wore it just once but i think this was the perfect look for it, don’t you?
I also played around with my editing skills today and decided vintage was a pretty good look for this
Skirt: Ashley Stewart
Tank: Random
Blazer: Thrifted
Heels: Samantha
Clutch: Nordstrom
Bracelets: Ashley Stewart
Necklace: Handmade by me

Drop Dead Sequined

One thing you guys don’t know about me, is that I am addicted to Drop Dead Diva. By addicted, I mean crazily, ridiculously, bothers on obsession kinda addicted. This show was the reason why i got cable in my apartment, so i can record it and watch it over and over again. So i am so super stoked that the new season premiers tonight! I have my popcorn, soda and remote control poised on the couch waiting for 9pm to strike! lol. But for those of you who don’t watch the show or haven’t even heard of it, it is the story about an aspiring model(Deb), who was involved in a car accident and “died” only to be returned to earth in a plus sized, fashion disabled, practical lawyer’s body (Jane). Now, Jane works in the same company where Deb’s fiance works and the new Jane(Deb) gets to be around him and watch him grief and try to move on without telling him who she really is. Plus, there’s a lot of copurtroom drama, coworkers drama, family drama and all the good stuff that makes up a good tv show. Anyways, the only thing i wish would change about the show is the constant string of black suits that Jane wears all the time! I prayed for some color in her wardrobe and i think my prayers were answered!

Anyways, this season involves a stream of guest stars like Wendy Williams, Wanda Sykes, Paula Abdul and so much more. So if you don’t watch the show or haven’t even heard of it before, check it out. It airs on lifetime @ 9:00pm Sunday. Talking about incorporating color to a wardrobe, i did the exact opposite thing this weekend. I went clubbing with my babes and i was all blacked out with the exception of my heels and clutch.

I got this dress from a thrift store about 2 years ago actually, and I kept it tucked in my closet…till now.

Bridal Party

In Nigeria where i’m from, when a lady is getting married, her friends wear only a certain fabric that she has chosen. This is called an “ashoebi”. you can design this fabric in any style you choose but once you are spotted in this ashoebi, it is recognised by people at the wedding ceremony that you are a friend of the bride. One of my friends got married this weekend and of course my bestie and i bought the ashoebi. We were really late in buying it and thus had problems finding a designer. Luckily, Vivi from Heart, print and style came through and gave me the number of her designer and we ran off there to meet her. I was really pleased with the result of my dress because we went in for our consultation on monday and picked up the dresses on saturday morning, so i thought she did a fantastic job. I decided to make the necklace i wore with the ashoebi and i just strung some multi stranded pearls.

My bestie Anne…

Dress:Ashoebi Shoes:Steve Madden Purse:Treasures Necklace:Ola

My first time in a swimsuit!!

Hey loves, i’ve been so busy with trying to get my show off the ground that i have been dreaming about it. i’m not even joking. i wake up in the morning with a new idea that i have to try out. it was driving me so crazy that my girls hijacked me for a weekend in Ocean City Maryland. initially i wasn’t crazy about leaving but i got excited on the during the road trip there. since the trip was so impromptu, i luckily found a suit that i completely fell in love with at walmart (of course, its animal print! lol)

I almost NEVER shop at walmart, unless its electronics but i escorted a friend there to get some tank tops when i saw this baby. i knew i just had to have her and she costed me about $30?! Deal right?