Ola’s Beaded Treasures.

*sigh* Where do i begin? first of all i am doing alright…I got some emails asking about where i was and what was up, but i’m alright. Just so very busy with my exams, work, and just to let you guys know, I recently got an opportunity to showcase some of my pieces…Okay, stop, rewind. you guys may not know this but i am an aspiring fashion clothing and jewellry designer. Recently, i went to a friends exhibition in DC and i got to meet some aaaamazing people who saw some of my work and decided to sponsor me on a show of my own!!!! yes, a show of my own! can you believe that? well, its on the 9th of July in Maryland and i am supposed to make alot of pieces! its been sorta hard with school and work but i’m making it through. i kinda want to show you guys some of my pieces but i haven’t done the photoshoot yet but i’ll still give a little sneak peak…

Obviously, they are very dressy pieces but i’m thinking of incorporating some casual pieces into it. some bracelets, earrings and even rings…soo, whatcha think?