Stripes, Skirts and Blazers

I took a very close friend of mine out for lunch cos her birthday was on saturday and busy busy me forgot to call her till about 10pm. so i bought her some cheesecake and kissed up to her cos even i get bitchy when a close friend forgets to call me on my bday. I’ve had this top for a while but had no idea how to wear it. Surprising, i thought it went really well with this skirt and blazer.

top:dot, skirt:thrifted, blazer:thrifted, peeptoe:steve madden, bag:thrifted, bracelets: random


Grecian Inspired…

Hey lovelies, how are you guys doing? i am a lover of anything Greek, including greek yogurt (i know, i know, its not really from Greece (is it?) but hey, its called greek yogurt). I have always loved these grecian styled dresses because of the draping and just their overall classiness. so believe my joy when i came across this top last week, it was just what i wanted and loved. And the pants i got from a fashion warehouse not too far from my apartment. i always just assumed they didn’t carry my size but believe you me, they do! i love love love these pants.

top:dots, pants:forman, shoes:torrid, clutch:suzanne fashions, headband:target, necklace:avenue, ring:f21, bracelets:ashley stewart.

Errands In Leopard + 1st Feature!!!

Hey lovlies, i got a new hair-do. well, since i do my own hair, i get new hair dos all the time so don’t be surprised if i switch it up too much. Nyways, i got the opportunity to rock my spankin new leopard print flats. just running errands and chilling with my besties all day long. its spring break!!!! so i had all day to just lounge around. by the way, exciting news! i got my first feature by the lovely Miss Fortune, Daja Robinson. She just launched a new website called “No Boiz Allowed” and i was one of the first ladies to give HERstory. this part of her website is dedicated to inspiring women who are taking control of their lives and leading other women to do the same. Awww, thanks girl! its not that big a deal, but i still jumped around when i saw it on the web, lol. the link will be below:

Please stop by and check the feature out, thanks!

I Got A Blue Feeling…

I visited K&G for the first time in my life and shall we say, i was pleasantly surprised! their plus size department was fully stocked (unlike some places i will not mention). My cart was overflowing with goodies but i only got a couple of things that i love! and i shopped at their clearance section (excuse me but your girl is on a budget). i got this vest for $14.99. and this necklace i picked up from aldo a while ago. i like the personality of it

top:dots vest:k&g jean:susan’s clogs:avenue necklace:aldo

And this is my newest baby…i received her today, isn’t she stunning?

Nautical Lauren

Hello lovelies…hope you guys are having a fun weekend so far, cos i’m not. *sigh* Anyways, my boyfriend is a huge Ralph Lauren fan, almost 95% of his closet is from Raplh. it kinda erks me and i’m still trying (trying being the operative word) to get him to step out from that box, but i have to admit that i’m also in love with their timeless pieces. i love this striped quarter sleeve tee from them, very trendy and comfortable. so i decided to try the nautical look that lots of bloggers have being pulling off, and i loved it!

top:Ralph Lauren pants:thrifted jacket:macy’s wedges:torrid jewellry:macy’s and random

by the way, recently i’ve been taking my pictures at night because my photographer only has time for me at nights. imagine that! lol

IMTM- I Made This Myself!

Hey lovves…I got the inspiration for this project from a dress i saw on asos. the very next day, i found this fabric on sale for 2.45 and so i had to have it…This dress/tunic gets mixed reviews from everyone. my mum hates it, my bestie loves it, my roomie hates it, my professor loves it…and the list goes on. But i love it because its soo free and flowy and spacious and i love the long back and short front thingy i got going on. lol and its a pretty easy sew. I also made the circle scarf myself, from left over fabric i used to make a maxi skirt.

jeans:avenue, denim jacket:ross, tunic:ola, circle scarf:ola, pumps:torrid, purse:twiggy earring:macy’s, necklace:don’t remember, bracelets:random

What do you think? Fab, or not?


Hey loves…last night my girls and i went to see a new movie called Beastly, and this is what i wore. i got this dress from my local thrift store and i have to say, i love it more now that i see the pics. as for the movie, if anyone saw it, pleasssse tell me what you think because i thought it was soo bad it was good. confusiing huh?

dress:thrifted denim shirt:torrid pumps:torrid purse:thrifted belt:torrid bangles&rings:Joan Rivers