Hey guys, i clocked my 66th follower today! isn’t thatawesome?! i’ll do a gigantic giveaway when i reach my 100th…as in, gigantic. Anyways, i haven’t been able to take pictures in the last couple of days because i’ve been busy moving into my new apartment! yes, i got my own place, with my bestie Annie, of course. i’m so excited because i get my very own walk in closet! i have to post a picture. So, like i said, i haven’t been able to grab unto someone to photograph me but i did some face shots of myself and looking through them, i realized that i wore a lot of red lips the whole week. check it out…

For my friend’s birthday on monday…i wore a sequin dress, don’t have a pic though

Shopping on tuesday…

Classes on thursday…

By the way, this was my first time wearing a turban. what do you guys think? should i definately do it again, or never again? plsss let me know cos i kinda like it.


Polka Dots Are For Love?

Hey lovelies, happy belated valentine! did you celebrate? who with? what did you do? where did you go? i really wanna know. Anywhoo, i celebrated with my boyfriend but this year i decided to do something different. I planned the dinner and the works and everything else and lets just say that he was pleasantly surprised lol…I initially wanted to stay as far away from red as i could but this polka dotted dress just kept calling to me and i caved in. And of course, red roses need red pumps heh?
Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, they were taken last minute and with a wack camera.

Blazer: Thrifted
Dress: Torrid
Shoes: Torrid
Jewellry: Random

My Very Own Harem!

Hey lovelies! so i’ve been loving the harem trend from afar for a while but when i bought one of my own, i was so disappointed at the fit and i decided to make one of my own. it looks pretty complicated but believe me when i say that it took me about an hour and it was super easy. i can’t wait to rock it in the summer.
tip: i used a swimsuit fabric because of the support.

graphic tee: avenue
harem pants: Ola
flats: avenue
purse: thrifted
jacket: forever21
necklace: Macy’s
bracelets and ring: random

Party Time!

Hey lovelies! sorry i’ve been MIA for a bit…y’all know thati’m such a broke ass that i use my cell phone as a camera too. well, a drastic thing happened on the night i took these pictures. After dancing the night away, i left my phone in my purse and while we were walking to the car, one of my girlfriends dropped the purse! but whats wierd is that the phone’s screen cracked and just went blank! through the purse! anywaysitook it to get it fixed and it cost me a week and $250. yep…almost as much as i got the phone. Nyways, i got this jacket from a thrift store and i love love love it! i paired it with a ruffles layered skirt and a simple tank with some tights and my most comfy boots ever. this outfit was super comfortable and i really danced my ass off.

jacket: thrifted
tank: deb
dress worn as skirt:
boots: torrid
clutch: aldo