So yesterday, some of my buds and I decided to go off exploring at the smithsonian museums before school resumes next week. since it was a pretty windy day, i didn’t want to be caught in the cold but at the same time, i didn’t want to be stuck carrying a heavy winter coat while i was exploring (i hate that!). so i fell back to me dearly beloved blazers and picked up this white one that i found at the thrift store a week before. it was Ralph Laren and brand spanking new! my my my, what a luck. so after some minor DIY, i had a chic blazer with studded shoulders. I am trying very hard not to stud all my shoulders out! i just love how it gives the blazer a whole different look.

my roomate and bestie, Anne

yeah, we were sticking our tongues out like the giraffe behind us.

P.S I love this animal print scarf, it was a christmas gift from one of my aunts. by the way, ineed a new camera. i currently have been using my phone since mine got damaged.



hey guys, i’ve been so busy with work this past week that i literally didn’t have the time to stand still for my photo to be taken. lol (for my photo to be taken indeed!) anywhoo, i decided to do a post on some of my favorite make up looks.

lol, yeah i am something of a makeup freak. any color i lack in my wardrobe, i make up for in my face.

DIY- Bedazzled Blazer

So, my love for blazers is a well known fact around these parts but since i already have too many basic black boyfriend blazers, a couple of months ago, i decided to bedazzle one of them. i just went to the fabric store, got some fashion adornments and sewed them in. since the detailed shoulder is very popular right now, i decided to put them right on the shoulder. This is very easy to do and i love how it turned out. don’t you?

IMTM- I Made This Myself!

Hey dearies! in my last post i told you how obsessed i am now with sewing, well last night i made another skirt…a high waisted ruffled layer skirt i call it. i think it is smashing but what got me was how clean it came out. As in, no ragged stiching and such. i hope you like it! i think i’ll make it in a shocking red! oh my…



Hey guys, been a hot minute I know but life’s been too busy lately. Anyways, I recently started taking up sewing. Its been a desire of mine to learn for a long time but lack of available classes in my area just put me off for a while but then I discovered…YOUTUBE! Some channels have the most interactive and amazing beginner projects and one of them was a high waisted retro skirt. It was so easy for me to do that I have already made about three different versions of this skirt. I made a really short one that I wore clubbing for new years but right now, I made this one out of a 3.50 a yard fabric, 5.50 elastic and thread…that was pretty much it. I paired this with a simple white top, tights, a scarf, a belt and some flats. I love this skirt and I got so much compliments.


so, what do u guys think about my first voyage into the world of sewing?